Thursday, February 03, 2011

Planned Parenthood: Another Pimp-Helper!!

Yes, ANOTHER one--this time in Virginia.

"Once again, a Live Action investigators walk into a clinic. The pimp announces he is running a prostitution ring involving 14 and 15-year-old girls, some of whom aren’t from the U.S. The clinic worker advises how adept the clinic is at working a 'judicial bypass process' for minor abortions, announcing 'we’re pretty good at handling, if someone, you know, doesn’t want someone else to know.' She stresses 'for someone who’s a minor that’s really good option. We do them probably once or twice a month here.'”

Another soon-to-be-fired PP employee, and more denials from BabyKiller International.


John Foust said...

Amazing they couldn't keep the camera pointed at anything other than the desk. So you're upset about all the contraceptive information they gave them?

Anonymous said...


I think they were trying to keep the camera hidden.
It wouldn't look good if you were constantly trying to adjust a hidden camera now would it?

As the old saying goes, it's time to make a better mouse trap, so what we need is a good hidden camera that will not give us away that everyone can afford. It will be a world changer. Better yet, how about sometdevice that records what our eyes see, and our ears hear, so we can later post on You tube....

Who will make them?
How much? I'll take a couple.


Jim said...

I notice that no under age persons were present. I notice that the clinic worker was explaining how minors could legally go about getting an abortion without parental consent. I notice that the clinic worker provided no illegal services nor did she offer any illegal services. She didn't condone nor abet any illegal activity. She apparently reported this meeting to her supervisors who contacted local authorities and the FBI.

There is nothing here except a blatant attempt to smear Planned Parenthood because they help people get legal, life-saving medical care that some people don't approve of.

John Foust said...

I bet if I worked in a clinic, PP or not, I'd hear all sorts of B.S. stories all day long: I had this much sex, I didn't have that kind of sex, I know all their names and numbers, I use a condom all the time. You want health workers to be immigration officers, moralists, police tipsters, FBI informants...

Anonymous said... saving medical care??? For who??? At least 99% of abortions performed were not necessary for the survial of the mother. In fact, the last time I checked, the survival rate for all those involved in an abortion is just shy of 50%...

Jim said...

Hey Anonymous, abortion, a legal medical procedure, constitutes about 3% of the services performed by Planned Parenthood. Services include mammograms and other cancer screenings, STD prevention and cure, contraception and more.

But ignorance is bliss.

TerryN said...

PP wants to make sure you're healthy enough to kill your baby.

Jim said...

No, they want to provide women's health services. Abortions, legal medical procedures, are a small part of all services performed at Planned Parenthood. And at Planned Parenthood, no babies are killed.

Dad29 said...

Maybe you're right, Jim.

They kill human beings.

PP's going to have to make it without Federal or State dollars. It'll cut back on the slaughter.

We stopped Hitler, too.

neomom said...

Abortion is their "for profit" variety of.. er, service.

They make about $250MM off of them every year. That's a lot of dead babies.

Now move along, nothing to see here....

Jim said...

Hey Mom! Your source is?

neomom said...

Planned Parenthood's website and their annual report. Based on the average cost of an abortion and the number they perform.

Dad29 said...

Jim's from the West Coast.

They don't read stuff out there.

Jim said...

Up yours, Dad. :-) We read everything at least twice.

Planned Parenthood performs about 300,000 abortions per year. The average COST of an abortion is about $400. That would be $120MM in REVENUE not accounting for the cost of facilities, staff, supplies, and doctors.

So claiming that PP makes $250MM profit every year is not supported by facts.

neomom said...

Obviously you don't read well. The price they charge for a 1st trimester abortion ranges from $350 to $950. 2nd trimester are more expensive. So your average of $400 is low.

Also, I said they made about $250MM, not $250MM in profit. They turned about an $85MM profit in 2008 (with over $300M in taxpayer funding).

Jim said...

I read just fine, thanks. And I've read plenty and nothing to suggest that my figure is all that low. I welcome a link to your source, however.

In consecutive sentences you referred to abortion as "their for profit variety" and that they "made" $250MM "off of them".

This is all just numbers anyway. Planned Parenthood provides health services for millions of people. Every service they perform is legal; every abortion is a legal medical procedure.

If you have a problem with these legal services, you are free to TRY to have the laws changed. If you feel that these legal procedures are immoral, that is your prerogative. I assume that lying is also immoral in your opinion. These hoaxers are lying and anyone who knowingly promotes their slander is immoral.

neomom said...

They may be legal. But they are immoral. And I should have no obligation to support them financially with my tax dollars.

And if the range starts at $350, the average is $400? How about you post a link for a change?

You are naive if you don't believe they don't push abortions. Read Abby Johnson's account of her former employer.

There is no service they provide that isn't available through other means. Like Medicaid, or BadgerCare for the poor. The purpose of Planned Parenthood is to give out contraceptives to teenagers and to set up abortion shops in minority neighborhoods just like Margaret Sanger wanted.

Dad29 said...

PP is the Culture of Death in person, so to speak.

We'll get the laws changed.

Meantime, we'll de-fund them.

And--by the way--we'll pray for them and their victims, both living and dead.

Jim said...

I don't care if the range is $350 to $5,000. If the majority are done in the first 13 weeks, the average is going to be in the lower part of the range.

I don't want my tax dollars going to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but that's the way it works. I WANT my tax dollars to support health care access.

My brother worked for Planned Parenthood. They make abortion available. They also inform patients about parenting and adoption.

Although the anecdotal evidence of one former PP employee is interesting, that doesn't mean her story represents any other clinic.

"There is no service they provide that isn't available through other means." So what? Why single them out then?

"The purpose of Planned Parenthood is to give out contraceptives to teenagers". This is not accurate, but giving out contraceptives DOES reduce the number of abortions so aren't you contradicting yourself?

Margaret Sanger? Oh, so it's all about eugenics?

The PP in my town is in a middle class neighborhood across the street from the hospital and surrounded by doctors' offices, pharmacies and medical labs. It was the same in the last town I lived in. Must be trying to wipe out the middle class.