Friday, February 04, 2011

No Work? No Pay! State Union Doesn't Like It.

Here we go, folks. Seems that State unions don't like the real world.

When the governor declares a state of emergency, city and county operations shut down completely except for emergency services, but that wasn't the case in state government Wednesday.

State workers weren't told to stay home Wednesday. Rather, they were given the option to stay home and use their own time off

In other words, if State employees stayed home, they took time off.

"Its reckless, irresponsible," said Sen. Jon Erpenbach, D-Middleton. "Imagine if you're working at the DOT at Hill Farms; you're supposed to go to work, but the public can't come in and buy a license. It doesn't make any sense."


Now we get to the REAL issue:

"Our understanding is the last time that there was a snow emergency like this, agencies were shut down to both the workers and the public and they were paid days," said Scott Spector, with state employee union AFT-Wisconsin. "We don't want to encourage workers to go on the roads in bad conditions and put themselves or others at risk."

Meet the real world, AFT-Wisconsin. When hourly-paid workers in industry do not come in to work, they do NOT get paid.

You're not exempt from the real world any more.


Tim Morrissey said...

Unfortunately, Erpenbach gets paid whether he shows up for work or not. And if he DOES show up, we even pay him an extra stipend (the notorious "per diem") for simply showing up for work.

Nice deal.

m.z. said...

I have been paid when business has been closed due to snow. It is pretty standard practice.

Anonymous said...

That must be a good union you belong to, m.z.

m.z. said...

I've never been in a union.

Dan said...

Teachers, I believe extend their school year. So, even if there is a day off, the teachers really don't
I am pretty sure m.z. is the exception to the rule or on salary.
But this is a typicaly union mentality. If I was Walker, I would have had a 3rd option, though- a make up day- work extra hours.

GOR said...

Pay for 'snow days' is a thing of the past in most businesses, I believe. The rule at the bank where I worked was: no snow-day pay unless the bank officially closed.

In my 27 years there I recall that happening only once. Unfortunately for me I was already at work by the time the decision to not open was made... We didn't have 'bankers hours' even then.

Dad29 said...

MZ may note the distinction between "salaried" and "hourly" which I made in my post.

There was a news article which crossed the 'net today about "lost wages" as part of the cost of snow.

Yes, indeed. And I know 10,000 employees of a certain local outfit which DID lose wages.

No work, no pay.

Anonymous said...

That includes executives, right?

Anonymous said...

The state intended to dock salaried workers as well.

TerryN said...

Executives paid hourly. Is that what anon is referring to?