Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rasmussen: It's the SPENDING, Stupid!

The last of the dry-heaves is working its way through QueenNancy's Pork Palace.

Meantime, actual US citizens think that another $900Bn in spending is a bad idea.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey turns up new evidence of a yawning divide between the nation's Political Class and the rest of the country on what to do about the federal government's fiscal crisis.

The survey found "that 57% of likely U.S. voters think reducing federal government spending is more important than reducing the deficit. Thirty-four percent (34%) put reducing the deficit first," according to Rasmussen

You won't be surprised to learn that the Political Class thinks otherwise, of course.

"It’s telling to note that while 65% of mainstream voters believe cutting spending is more important, 72% of the Political Class say the primary emphasis should be on deficit reduction," Rasmussen said.

Translating, the Political Class wants to spend AND tax.

Seems that elections don't matter to some people.

Klein at AmSpec presents the argument FOR the tax deal here.

In brief: only $140Bn of the ~$900Bn is controversial among conservatives--principally the UC extension (not paid for) and a bunch of tax credits, the most odious of which is the CornAHole $5Bn.

Hinderaker at PowerLine falls into line with Mark Levin, in opposition to the bill.


Deekaman said...


The political class is incapable of spending less than they take in. Put The Beast on a diet.

J. Strupp said...

"Voters have consistently said in surveys for years that increased government spending hurts the economy, while decreased spending has a positive effect on the economy."

Which is completely wrong so who cares what they say?

Doesn't make any difference. Ask these same people which is more important, deficit reduction or improving the economy and they overwhelmingly choose improving the economy. In an economic environment of high unemployment and insufficient demand, this involves higher deficits.

One more example of how the average American has a poor grasp on basic econ.

Deekaman said...

Yes, 3 trillion in government spending over the last 2 years has had SUCH a positive effect on the economy. No, really.

Struppster, your lack of any kind of grasp of economics is the cutest thing.

Where would you expect to find more economic growth? In a government that loses 25% of every dollar to waste and fraud and another 50% to the bureaucracy, then spends the remainder on jobs that only last as long as the building of the road, windmill, or solar array or as long as the war lasts? Or in an American manufacturer that produces good for the country and the world and employs people long-term.

Kind of a no-brainer. As long as people have money and the conditions are such that business can be competitive, we thrive. As long as the government strangles business with onerous regulations based on the political wind of the day taxpayers continue to be burdened with ever-higher taxes, we are stuck.