Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feds: Too Many Employees, Too Much Money

Don Lambro of Human Events offers a few facts which may differ from the Official Story.

There were 1.2 million civilian federal employees in 2008.......that number will jump to 1.43 million this year. Total Federal payroll is 2.15 million.

Among Heritage's stunning findings, the feds pay hourly wages "22% obove that of comparable private-sector workers," provide "more generous healthcare and pension plans," and "total compensation on the order of 30% to 40% above similarly skilled private-sector workers."

Bringing federal compensation into line with market pay rates "would save taxpayers approximately $47Bn per year."

The feds justify this overpayment by 'splainin' that fed employees have college degrees and experience, after all. But after controlling for that, the premium vs. private-sector is still around 22%.

That '1.43 million Feds' number will grow a bit. IRS seeks another 16,000 "college-educated" people who will work to enforce ObozoCare rules and regulations.

And IRS' growth will be just the beginning.

Statism requires a LOT of overpaid public servants masters.

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GOR said...

So that's where Ireland got the ideas for public sector pay and benefits! I guess all those Dublin to New York junkets by Irish politicians and quango chiefs paid off.

Of course, now the piper has to be paid...