Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Lawyers and the Church

Joe Lawler nukes the "arguments" advanced by one Richard Posner in the condom kerfuffle.

Methinks Posner should stick to adjudication.

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GOR said...

Well that was fun. How the judge could get so much wrong in so few words is a remarkable achievement! “Judge not and ye shall not be judged” as the Good Book says. Judge Posner did and he was – and not favorably, judging by most of the comments.

One of the best was by Dan M. on 11/29 at 6:42 pm (with Chestertonian overtones...). I got a kick out of this part – given how we view ‘Chicago politics’ in these parts:

“Either you must admit to the existence of moral absolutes, something the Church does and one of the reasons why appearing “out of it” may not be the biggest concern of the Pope, or you decide to just go along with a majority… Even if you go the route of the majority, you must decide which majority. Do you take a majority of the city, state, country, continent, world, etc. Do you let dead people vote (In Chicago the answer is yes in ordinary elections, so it would seem wrong to deprive them of the franchise here). The sheer problem of actually picking a majority and rationalizing why that particular majority should govern in matters of morality (not of law which is another issue entirely) demonstrates the absurdity of the notion that one should worry about appearing “out of it” versus actually caring about the truth.”