Wednesday, August 11, 2010

There IS a Solution to Coyote Attacks

Fox Point is now a combat zone.

A suspected coyote attack has left a dog dead and his owners concerned for the safety of pets and people in their neighborhood.

... The lapdog-size Romeo was outside his family's home on Bywater Lane around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, Leib said.

...An animal attack like this usually means that the animal is protecting a food source, Czaja said, remembering information the DNR has given the community in the past.

He warns residents not to feed their pets outside.

Neighbors have reported seeing a pack of two or three coyotes in the neighborhood in the past months, Leib said. One neighbor recently spotted a coyote in a yard during the daytime.

About 40 grains of HSL (~800 fps) will do the trick, Ms. Leib.


Dave said...

Two words: "Open season".

TerryN said...

"About 40 grains of HSL (~800 fps) will do the trick"

Made by the ACME bullet company, no doubt.

Dad29 said...

Good one!