Sunday, August 15, 2010

That Natural Law Stuff...

Earlier I mentioned Grim's essay, which touches on the concept of Natural Law.

Not hard to spot those who disagree with the fullness of the teaching, is it?

You can find the same group over at Rick's place, in a not-too-different context. (See the combox.)

Wiki's "RC" portion of the entry on NL is here.

One of the current proponents of NL is John Finnis. Despite all his education, he's right.


John Foust said...

A Real Catholic says only Catholics should be able to vote.

Anonymous said...

The speaker touts "A benevolent dictatorship...a Catholic monarchy designed to look out for the interests of 'true' Catholics to guard against the self-serving, self-absorbed masses.


The message is no different than radical Islamic fundamentalists. What, just because he isn't openly advocating violence against infidels makes the message "palatable"?