Saturday, August 14, 2010

T. Baldwin, G. Moore In Congressional Socialist Caucus

You aren't really surprised, are you?

Would you be surprised to learn that 11 Socialist-Caucus members are on the House Judiciary Committee?

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Michael J. Mathias said...

I have a list of bloggers who hate America. You're on it, therefore, you hate America.

Deekaman said...

Pretty sure MJM here doesn't have a clue.

Baldwin and Moore are self-described Socialists and even if they weren't, their voting records show it to be so.

I challenge our friend MJM here to prove otherwise.

Dad29 said...

Michael, how are we to discern the meaning of your post?

jimspice said...

This is like the 4th blatant falsehood published by GP in about as many weeks. The Socialist Party of America has not existed since the '70s, the website linked is a PAC, not a party, the newsletter referenced does not exist, and there is no socialist caucus in the U.S. Congress. Those names were taken from the Progressive Caucus.

Wouldn't it be wise take more pride in your accuracy?

Dad29 said...

Oh, so sorry.

I'll quote the page YOU led me to:

"This page is about the Democratic Socialists of America which is not a party but rather a PAC, political action committee."

The Democrat Socialists of America.


What would Norman Thomas say??

jimspice said...

I didn't lead you to anything. I assume you're referring to the link in the original article that you should have explored yourself in the first place?

Re: RT? I don't know who that is.