Monday, August 09, 2010

"Oh, Our Record? WHAT Record??"

The word's out--all those accomplishments are a secret.

As Democrats fan out across the country to campaign for reelection this month, many are surprisingly quiet about their hard-won accomplishments — the major bills they have passed under President Obama.

...“Our candidates’ job is not to sell the accomplishments of the past but to send a message that strikes a chord,” said a senior Democratic advisor who did not want to be identified while discussing strategy. “I am not one who thinks our candidates should go out and sell healthcare reform. They have to stay focused on jobs, the economy and shaking up Washington.”

Umnnhhh, yah. Good luck with that.

HT: Hot Air


Deekaman said...

From Cheech and Chong, "My record? What the hell you wanna bring that up for? I did my time. I paid my debt. How'd I know she was only 13? she looked 15 anyway".

Deekaman said...

If they ran on their record, they'd never get elected to anything.