Sunday, August 08, 2010

Obama-Voter Admiration for Paul Ryan

She's right, you know. And she DID vote for Teh Won.

I don’t think Ryan is a charlatan or a flim-flam artist. More to the point, I think he’s playing an important role, and one I’m happy to try and help him play: The worlds of liberals and conservatives are increasingly closed loops. Very few politicians from one side are willing to seriously engage with the other side, particularly on substance. Substance is scary. Substance is where you can be made to look bad. And substance has occasionally made Ryan look bad. But the willingness to engage has made him look good. It’s given some people the information they need to decide him a charlatan, and others the information they need to decide him a bright spot. It’s also given Ryan a much deeper understanding of liberal ideas than most conservative politicians have.

Ryan has made it clear that "It's the SPENDING, STUPID!!"--which doesn't exactly endear him to either (D) or (R) constituencies, most of which are busy wheedling money out of BigGummint for themselves...

And to Hell with the hindmost: the common taxpayer.

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