Monday, August 16, 2010

No Graph. Only Text. Econ 101 for Teachers

A snapshot of the situation, following implementation of ObamaNomics.

Just 61% of the adult population, age 20 or over, has any kind of job right now. That's the lowest since the early 1980s -- when many women stayed at home through choice, driving the numbers down. Among men today, it's 66.9%. Back in the '50s, incidentally, that figure was around 85%, though allowances should be made for the higher number of elderly people alive today. And many of those still working right now can only find part-time work, so just 59% of men age 20 or over currently have a full-time job. WSJ, quoted at Vox

Some prefer graphics which are......ahhhh.........misleading.


J. Strupp said...

It's amazing how a financial crisis this size can ravage an economy.

It's even more amazing what lackluster economic policy does to combat the fallout from the crisis.

...Even when the whole world is screaming that you should print dollars and throw it out of windows and finance it at 2.60% for 10 years.

jimspice said...

That doesn't sound right. If the figures were lower in the '80s because of stay-at-home moms, surely the fifties figure should be considerably lower

Dad29 said...

They are, Jim. 85% of men were in the workforce in the '50's, and practically zero percent of women.

In those days, most (not all) women only worked until they obtained their MRS. degree.

jimspice said...

Ughh. I think I'm a chart/graph/table kind of guy.