Saturday, August 07, 2010

More College Grant Money?

It's not surprising that the UW system is looking for more grant monies for students.

Higher education leaders want lawmakers and the next governor to provide tens of millions of dollars more for need-based financial aid, saying the investment is desperately needed despite a looming budget shortfall.

The University of Wisconsin System and the Wisconsin Technical College System want funding increases to fill gaps that have left thousands of eligible low-income students without grants, according to budget documents. Private school leaders want modest increases for a separate program for their students.

Calling the Wisconsin Higher Education Grant program "woefully underfunded," technical college leaders are asking for a $23.4 million increase over the two-year budget to provide more grants.

And it's not surprising that the UW System is looking through the telescope---backwards.

In reality, the UW System is woefully OVERFUNDED...a condition brought about by--you guessed it--too many grant-and-loan dollars chasing "education."

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