Saturday, August 14, 2010

Magic Winkie GPS Detector Useless in Dane County

All the toys that money can buy, and Dane County still doesn't have a clue.

A Madison man facing 75 felony charges ranging from stalking and sexual assault to child pornography and bail jumping went off the grid for hours while he was supposed to be on a county GPS monitoring system.

...As part of his bail conditions, Guy was ordered not to drink alcohol or leave a Tomah Veterans Affairs facility. But offenders like Guy are only monitored on the program by the Clerk of Courts Office on weekdays during business hours, WISC-TV reported.


According to court documents, Guy violated the terms of his bail by drinking and leaving Tomah late at night. But at the time no one was on duty and officers were unable to use the technology to help find him, WISC-TV reported

See, you don't understand.

"The outcome of this case is that the person did come back to court, they had a portion of their bail revoked and I believe they are in jail right now," said Esqueda. "That is the system working, and that is about as fast as it can work. Having staff in the office at off hours wouldn't work to speed up that process because of due process issues involved and the players that have to come into the process."

In its infinite wisdom, Dane County has perma-posted a deputy on the Beltline solely for the purpose of revenue-raising catching speeders.

Now, perhaps, they have found another use for that guy.


Deekaman said...

"The system worked!"

Morons...All a bunch of morons.

capper said...

And your boy Scooter "Run, It's Raining" Walker wants to use those very things for our crooks. I'm sure he will want the same for the state if he ever could get elected.

Deekaman said...

Oh...look who's back.

Seriously, dude. There's medication for whatever it is you've got. Do you have ANYTHING other than hate? From what orifice do you pull this stuff...really.

Dad29 said...

Tasteless, Grimsley.