Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Bad Is Illinois' Debt Problem?

Interesting factoid: protection on Obama’s home state of Illinois costs twice as much as protection on Russia.

Part of a longer article which almost (repeat, almost) predicts the collapse of the public-employees' pension system.

And which advocates a Works Progress Administration which will disfavor unionized public-employees (and their union cohorts in private industry) and employ the masses, instead. (!!!!!)


Anonymous said...

I'm from the Chicago area. I walked back the referenced article but can't find a link there or online to the Illinois-Russia credit protection disparity.

Do you know where to get a source for this?


Dad29 said...

You could email Goldman--he's pretty good about returning emails, but a bit slowly...

OR you could call your broker. He can look up the credit-swap prices, although it might take him a while.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Dad29. I already left a comment on the referenced article. I'll try the email bit.