Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Attack on Catholicism in Madison, Again. Ho-Hum

One might suspect that the Madistan folk don't like orthodox Catholicism.

And one would be right, if one only reads Isthmus.

...The laypeople, including about 40 local members of Call to Action, are upset about a leadership regime they see as entrenched, dogmatic, unduly hierarchical. The local church, led by Morlino, feels it's following God's truth and the proper path of Catholicism — and it's willing to lose those parishioners who disagree.

"Call to Action" is a group of aged hippies. Think "Students for a Democratic Society" if you want a secular comparison.

The 'journalist' who wrote the article was incapable of finding ANY Catholic layperson who thinks that the Bishop might actually be correct, except the Diocesan spokesman. Odd, that, because there are 270,000 Catholics in that Diocese.

And, for the record, there are more distortions, half-truths, and purely asinine comments in that article than there are in any typical anti-Scott Walker union screed. But then, that's Madison. What's new?

And by the way, it is NOT a co-incidence that the article was published within one day of Bp. Morlino's appearance at a rally for real marriage.

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GOR said...

Let's see, we've got a former religious brother living with his 'life partner' and member of the Gay Activist group Dignity, USA and we have assorted members of Call To Action - both groups decidedly opposed to orthodox Catholic teaching. This is balanced journalism...?

As to not being concerned about 'losing these parishioners', they are already lost to the Church, but can't see it. They are more to be pitied than reviled. But that doesn't mean we have to take their claptrap.

Amy said...

Yes, because Call to Action is completely dogma-free, is that it? No, it just happens to be a dogma they like and one they're really, clearly not going to be as lenient with dissenters over as the Church is presently.

Al said...

& let's not forget how the DBQ paper treated him when he appointed 3 conservative priests to clean up the mess at the Platteville parishes. All the people they talked to were of the same ilk as those in this article. Not a single supporter of Bishop Morlino to be found.