Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are You Ready for Nationalized Education?

The man in Sin City makes the case that nationalized education is almost here.

So, how soon before we see the Fed's try to take complete control over our K-12 education system.
Well, they have a lot of control now. With No Child Left Behind (Bush) and Race To the Top (Obama), they control over much of what happens in the classroom. They mandate that much of the emphasis is placed on math, English, science and reading. Foreign language is almost mandated. Electives are almost unheard in CCSD, with the exception of music, drama, computers, art and food education. Magnet Schools also have different curriculum. Some schools have different electives.
The Fed's demand mandates, and most of the time, the mandates are either non-funded or partially funded. Special education, ELL and education of illegals are some of the mandates.

That 10th Amendment gets more interesting every day.

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