Monday, August 09, 2010

$26 BILLION for the NEA/WEAC Combine

Oh, yah, it's "for the chillllrun." So says "maverick" Feingold, who voted with the herd...

My left foot...

The Democrats call their $26 billion, Big Labor/bankrupt states’ bailout legislation the “EduJobs” bill.

Let’s inject some truth in advertising.

The “EduJobs” bill is nothing but a BigGovJobs bill — a massive election season pay-off to Democrat special interests. With your money.

And no, it's not even sure to get into the pockets of the teachers. officials said they have no idea what strings would be attached to the money, whether the state legislature would approve the cash as part of a special supplemental budget, how long the money would last, and how they would pay for stop-gap measures while waiting for the taxpayer funds to flow.

Not to mention that it's a one-time gift. Next year? Same problems.

HT: Malkin

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