Friday, July 16, 2010

Who Said "War"?

Good essay from Tapscott--actually, an essay ON an essay by Henninger.

Has to do with the Uberstatist Herr Doktor Berwick's appointment.

Closing two grafs:

...precisely because they all think like Berwick, we can be certain that there will be 50 more Berwicks from Obama no matter what if the president is not forced to reverse himself on this decision. That won't happen unless a GOP-led House makes it crystal clear that every time Obama appoints another Berwick, funds will be withdrawn for that position.

You cannot persuade an opponent who has nuked you once from doing it again and again without responding with such force that the costs he must bear are unacceptable to him.

Should be obvious that there's another seditionist out there, JimSpice.

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