Wednesday, July 14, 2010

"We Want Mo' MONEY!!!" : Corn-A-Hole Producers

Corn-a-Holing you is important.

Ethanol producers in the state are calling on the federal government to help their industry.

..."We need to continue to expand the market for ethanol and right now as an industry, not just here in Wisconsin, but as a country, we now have pretty much totally saturated the 10 percent market," said Gary Kramer, president Bloodsucker-in-Chief of Badger State Ethanol.

Of course, you might starve (like the third-world inhabitants who depend on corn) if Kramer gets his way along with a LOT of your money:

...Ed Francois, who employs people at 13 gas stations in the area, said he isn't seeing a huge demand for ethanol.

..."When you take the cap and raise it by 50 percent, will we have enough ethanol to provide it to gasoline?" said Francois. "And in the case of a very bad corn year, a year with drought, low product, we then have a mandate that says it will go to fuel."

Gee. Can't make it on product superiority, so Screw Taxpayers, Motorists, and people who need food.

Smooth move, Gary!

HT: FoxPolitics


Anonymous said...

It is becoming increasing clear to most folks that it is now the "State" that usurped the job of determining who the "winners" and "losers" will be in our society.

Im just biding my time waiting for the "french" style revolution to occur.... It is going to happen, maybe sooner, maybe later, and it will be led by those who have nothing to lose and it will be spontaneous and there will be just too many fires to put out all at one time, those specially choosen "winners" will not know what to do.

Remember, Jesus said he was not of this world.
That it why it is important to be aware, to love God, and obey his commandments so that we love our Brother, and are Christ to one another when something hits the fan.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, the guillotine is at our doorstep. NOT! People today are generally content with what they have, or too lazy to care. Even if a fringe group tried to overthrow the government, they'd be torn to shreds by the masses. Nope, the "buy more ammo" mantra is empty slogan.

We'll see at the polls come November if there are seedlings of this "revolt" you are talking about.