Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Teh Won Now Shutting Off Your Lights

Well, if he means to have a war, then let's have it!

Acting under federal court order, the Obama administration proposed new air-quality rules on Tuesday for coal-burning power plants that officials said would bring major reductions in soot and smog from Texas to the Eastern Seaboard.

...The cost of compliance to utilities and other operators of smog-belching power plants would be $2.8 billion a year, according to E.P.A. estimates.

EPA also estimated that "health savings" would be $120Bn per year. They made up the numbers, of course, apparently with the 'dartboard method' favored by Gummints who don't have a clue.

HT: Gateway


Jim said...

So EPA estimates of the costs are spot on while EPA estimates of the benefits are hokum?

Two different departments, or what?

Dad29 said...

No, Jim.

ALL of their numbers are jimmied.

Just like ALL BLS' numbers of "unemployed" are jimmied. Just like all of their numbers on COLA.