Thursday, July 08, 2010

Ryan and Petri Missing in Action


ObamaCare is a $Zillion-dollar budget buster, is un-Constitutional, is opposed by 60++% of the citizenry, will create deathpanels, and is a vehicle for Fed funding of abortion on demand.

(That's the short list of problems.)

So when a discharge petition is filed which would force an up-or-down vote on REPEALING it, you'd expect Republicans to sign said petition.

Not Paul Ryan. Not RINO Petri. Not as of July 1st, anyway.

What's the matter with them?


Jim said...

ObamaCare is a $Zillion-dollar budget buster

Not true.

is un-Constitutional

Not yet decided.

is opposed by 60++% of the citizenry

Maybe now, but support is growing.

will create deathpanels

Absolutely untrue.

and is a vehicle for Fed funding of abortion on demand.

Not true.

neomom said...

It is a budget-buster. CBO now estimates that (the devil is in the details) it will add $250B to the deficit in the first decade. And that's the one with 10 years of taxes and only 6 years of benefits.

That 60% of folks wanting full repeal is actually back on the upswing.

Meet Dr. Death Panel in recess appointee Berwick.

And if it doesn't fund abortion, why did Stupak sell his soul for a useless fig leaf of an Executive Order?


Dad29 said...

What she said.

But Jim, you can live in any fantasy world you want.

Just like BammyBoy.

Anonymous said...

You will always have the poor with you. And the uninsured.

What? Me worry?