Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Recovery Summer"? Not in Wisconsin

We mentioned the DNR's effort to denude Wisconsin of utilities, paper mills, and other industry yesterday.

Why so concerned about little things like "jobs"?

Steve provides the long answer; here's the quick-take.

I’m sure you’ve heard the spin that the unemployment rate in Wisconsin dropped 3/10ths of a point to a seasonally-adjusted 7.9% last month, and that it was a full percentage point lower than that of June 2009. A deeper look at the numbers, however, show that it’s not because private entities are hiring, but rather people no longer even trying to look for work.


...39,400 (or 13.71%) fewer people were on the actively-seeking-work portion of the unemployment rolls, resulting in a civilian labor force drop of 81,000 (or 2.57%). ['09/'10 comparo]

And that's BEFORE the effect of Damn Near Russia's latest diktat.

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Billiam said...

One wonders if we'll ever get a legislature that will reign in these aholes and return them to mortal status. Somehow, with the spineless weasels we keep sending to Madistan, I doubt it.