Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No TV for YOU!

BammyBoy becomes the TV Nazi.

The administration's resolve to tamp down dissent was signaled in a June 28th presidential memorandum that would lead to the end of all free, over-the-air television

Huh? Didn't hear about that one, did you?

Obama's Harvard Law School classmate and current Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski has been directing a multi-pronged effort aimed at increasing government control of news, information and entertainment.

First, is the FCC's ill-conceived National Broadband Plan, which is designed to end local television broadcasters' use of the electromagnetic spectrum (i.e. the radio spectrum) to deliver free, over-the-air television and eventually move the nation's 1,600 TV stations to subscription-only platforms such as cable. Cable is a much easier to control than 1,600 geographically dispersed television transmitters.

BammyBoy Genachowski came up with some BS about 'selling the spectrum to cellphone providers' which doesn't even hold water with Verizon, for crying out loud...

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John Foust said...

Really. Whose was President when these plans were put into place? Your comments and AmSpec's comments don't make a lick of sense. What's the chance that Obama will still be President by the time this takes effect, if it actually does? The long-planned switch from NTSC to ATSC, like it or not, makes room for more channels in less spectrum. Auctioning spectrum makes possible more alternatives for more land-based radio transmission, data-based or not.