Friday, July 02, 2010

Mendota Loses Fed Certification


Seems that James E. Doyle's Administration has problems with its treatment of mental health patients.

Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison surrendered its federal certification for one of its units in June after inspectors cited the state hospital for failure to provide therapy to patients and for stripping a female patient and placing her naked in a seclusion room, federal officials said.

(Notice that the story does NOT mention that Mendota is a State of Wisconsin operation? Or that the "horrible" Milwaukee County center did NOT lose Federal certification?)

Regardless, it is clear that the Feds are ramping up, for whatever reason.

Mendota's adult assessment and treatment unit was faulted for failing to provide active therapy for 20 of 30 patients reviewed by federal inspectors during visits in March and June. The unit has space for 20 patients at a time.

"They are defining it that everybody's got to be in groups," Easterday said. Patients not going to group therapy sessions are given medication and individual attention, if they accept it, he said.

Federal rule does not spell out what constitutes "active treatment," Easterday said. He said it was the first time federal inspectors had insisted that a very high percentage of patients participate in group treatment sessions.

This will have an impact.

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