Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Here's a Question: Is Islam a Religion?

At least one "no" vote...

“The conclusion that I – and others who have studied it – have reached is that Islam as a whole is not a religion. It is Arab Imperialism and a protectionist tool to preserve what they believe to be a supremacist Arab culture.”

Well, then.

OTOH, Belloc described it as one of the Great Heresies.

Perhaps Belloc was being kind.

(The author of the essay/review is a Milwaukee guy, by the way...)


jimspice said...

OK, Islam is not, but atheism and environmentalism are. Got it.

neomom said...

I'd call it a blood cult - worshiping a murderous pedophile and all.

Dad29 said...

I think, Jim, that you are sophisticated enough to understand the difference between a serious discussion and one which uses serious terms to describe a pathology--that is, a category error-of-rhetoric.

Atheism is specifically NOT a 'religion', by definition.

Envirowhacki-ism is a pathology.

Anonymous said...

Dad29, you've lost it.

A "serious" discussion on the merits of Islam. A "scholarly" approach to present an argument that Islam is NOT an "authentic" religion.

Unbelievable. Put the shoe on the other foot. A philosopher saying that Christianity was NOT a religion through their own definitions? You would want blood!

Sounds like the same methods used to justify racism by 1800's intellectuals.

So let's look at one of Darwish's criteria before any "religion" becomes feasible...a religion must never order the killing and subjugation of those who do not choose to be its members.

Christianity, by that criteria, would FAIL.

Keep up your verbal holy war against anything that is NOT Christianity!

Anonymous said...

Scared widdy kitty to come out and play, Dad29??? Where's your rebuttal?