Saturday, July 03, 2010

Campaign Commercial Concept

Moonbattery caught it; I'll pass it along for the benefit of the opponents of:


and in dozens of State Legislative districts.

A bewildered homeowner walks in to find his congressman sitting at his kitchen table writing checks. He's writing checks on the homeowner's bank account! And he writing checks for stupid stuff that the homeowner doesn't want! And, "Hey! I can't afford that!"
"No problem," the Congressman says. "We're just taking out a loan for it. You can have the rest of your life to pay it back." (Or if that's not enough, your kids can pay it back for you!)
Then the shot freezes as the homeowner has thrown the congressman out the door. He's flying through the air as the voice over encourages us to throw them out of OUR House.
(Or Governor's mansion, mutatis mutandis.)

Need even more motivation than humor? How about dead-serious: the collapse of Social Security.

As a review, the 2009 Annual Report claimed that, under the “intermediate” scenario, the OASI “Trust” Fund would run a yearly primary surplus until 2020 and a yearly overall surplus until 2024. Also, it would not be exhausted until 2041. Under the “high-cost” scenario, the yearly primary surpluses would last until 2014, yearly overall surpluses would last until sometime after 2018 (a specific year was not given), and the fund itself would last until 2031.

Fast-forward to this year. Unless something drastically changes between May and July, the 12-month primary deficit in the OASI fund will begin in the August 2009-July 2010 period (that’s this month, and 4 years before the high-cost estimate from last year), with the FY2010 primary deficit of $9.781 billion and a calendar-year 2010 primary deficit of $20.779 billion.

Steve has a lot more, none of it good.


neomom said...

How strong are the hopefully Obey, Kagan, Kind replacements?

We are fortunate to have a very strong hopeful here - Ilario Pantano - going up against "Blue Dog" Mike McIntyre who voted for Porkulus and also just deemed an imaginary budget.

Dad29 said...

Not bad at all. The (R) running for Obey's slot is kind of a rock-star; logrolling champion, married father of 6, District Attorney...

The primary for the (R) slot for Kagen's seat has not been held. GOOD candidates for it. Should be a very competitive race, leaning (R).

As to Kind: a (R) State Senator's running for the slot. Belling thinks Kind will lose, but I'm not as certain. It certainly will be close.

Reasonable Citizen said...

I always like it when Republicans lament and talk about saving Social Security instead of letting it go bankrupt.