Saturday, July 03, 2010

26% Have It Right

From CNN:

Though the Democrats controlled Congress in the last two years of the Bush administration and have controlled both the White House and Congress for a year and a half -- 41 percent of people surveyed in a recent CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll said Republicans are responsible for the current economic problems. Twenty-eight percent blamed Democrats, and 26 percent said both parties share responsibility.

The last group knows what's going on.


Jim said...

While the Dems controlled both houses 2007-2008, they did not have a veto-proof majority or a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Even now, not having a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, it becomes the minority's responsibility that the majority's policies which will help the country are being blocked. That's why 41% rightly blame the CURRENT situation on the Republicans.

Deekaman said...

One word, Jimbo. Bullshit. The Democrat policies are the worst in 50 years. They will not lift us out of this mess and they were complicit in getting us here. in fact, 50 YEARS of PROGRESSIVE policies have brought us to this point. All one has to do to see the path we are on is to look at the histories of Rome or Argentina or Greece or Old Europe. Tell me, please tell me one place where PROGRESSIVE social programs have worked. One.

villa said...

none of this changes the fact that dad29 wants nothing more than to wrap his crusty lips around the penis of a pre-pubescent boy.


Reasonable Citizen said...

Deekaman, what are you smoking? None of the countries (or areas) you mention had progressive policies. Rome was progressive? That would come as a surprise to all the countries it conquered. I am sure that you also remember its slavery and special citizenship status for those who owned property.

We have the richest poor people in the world as a result of Johnson's Great Society. They are also the healthiest poor people. We have no Brazilian slums or kidnappings for profit. The progressive educational system that pays for college is responsible for the most technologically advanced country this world has ever seen.

We feed the world, mine the seas, thwart evil doers, and keep grandma and grandpa off the streets when they can no longer work their minimum wage jobs.

We protect the world from bad guys by laws and by force, when necessary. The Democrats that controlled Congress for 5 decades brought us to the edge of global empire- a first in history. The entire world depends upon us to do the right things as a result of progressive policies.

We are generous, hardworking, and admired. Or were until 2000. We have hit a rough patch for 10 years but no other country is pushing us out of the way for dominance.

The US is the country where progressive ideas have actually worked. It is a shame that nobody recognizes it.

What other country has moved so far, so fast, and with such extraordinary results as the US in the past 50 years? Progressivism is the betterment of mankind and until 1994 it held sway in America.

I am not liking the future that the past 16 years of conservatism is bringing us. How about you?

Deekaman said...

We have the richest poor people because they feed off the backs of the labor of those who work under the capitalist end of the system. There are more takers and fewer contributors almost daily. Slums? I realize it is no longer there, but have you heard of "Cabrini Green"? Kidnappings for profit? No, but there is an entire social stratum mired in drugs and violence.

Our "progressive" educational system is a disaster in which children learn little, are indoctrinated in much, is ruled by unions and is bleeding white anyone who pays taxes. As evidence of this abject failure, I present Milwaukee Public Schools.

Grandma and grandpa did just fine before Social Security. Now, instead of preparing for one's "golden years", the richest age demographic (net worth) participates in the largest inter-generational wealth transfer in history. The days of caring for one's elders are gone. And the funding is unsustainable.

We've been protecting the world from bad guys since Jefferson (Barbary pirates). We remain generous and hardworking. And in spite of what you Lefties think, we were respected after 2000 and are less so today because we treat our allies like shit and suck up to the likes of Chavez, Castro and that guy in Iran. The Left undermined the President of the United States during wartime. Twice. The Left is guilty of treason and remains so today. The Democrats of today are not the Democrats of 50 years ago. Without Conservatives, our military would be gutted; we would still have a Soviet Union. We have been living in a "bubble economy" since the late 1980's because progressive policies have helped drive the manufacture of real goods out of this country.

True conservatism has not held sway in this country in my lifetime. There is no Constitutional authority for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, universal healthcare, "Too Big To Fail" bailouts, etc, etc, etc. That the courts have ruled there is just shows how bad it really is. The Constitution is not a "living, breathing document". That's just a bullshit excuse to take from contributors at the point of a gun to give to the takers. If it was, there would be no need for an amendment process. If you want your progressive policies, amend the Constitution. Yeah, I like what Conservatism can bring us...if there actually were any. I'm not willing to give up my Liberty for a little security.

Dad29 said...


The change to which Deekaman refers as bad is the insidious honey-trap of "the FEDERAL Gummint will do it."

Prior to Wilson, States (and families, municipals, and churches) were the 'fallback' entities, providing necessities for the widows, orphans, and disabled. Some States (Wisconsin among them) were more active than others.

Certain duties must rest at the Federal level. National defense, of course; the Postal System, and other functions necessitated by the interstate commerce clause.

But education, welfare, and much of transportation (among others) are better left at the State level.

We can argue, constructively, about which functions should be Federalized--and which should be "State-ized."

But what we've seen is a presumption in favor of the Feds which is illicit and in many cases un-Constitutional and which has led to our current debt problem.

No one argues that the poor should starve or die for lack of medical care. No one. No one argues that CHARITY compels us to assist those in need.

But "charity" is a virtue which attaches to individuals, not Governments.

And in all cases, subsidiarity should prevail--that is, let the lowest possible level of governance (or family, or church) resolve the problems. If it cannot be resolved at the lowest level, then it goes up a notch (etc.).

It is also useful to discuss exactly what obligation the US has to other countries. Is it legitimate to use our military to "establish democracy" worldwide?


Should we use our military to 'right wrongs,' such as the tribal slaughters in Africa?


Should we use our military to protect our borders?


Billiam said...

That pretty much sums it up, Dad.

Dad29 said...

Thanks, B!!

And as my second in this minor skirmish, here's Hannan (of European Parliament fame):

Thomas Jefferson, whose bust stares at me as I write this blog, had wanted to include a touching phrase in the Declaration, but his fellow authors excised it: “We might have been a great and free people together”. Indeed. Everything I have done in politics has been an attempt to apply Jeffersonian principles to British political conditions. Decisions should be taken as closely as possible to those they affect, and decision-makers made accountable through the ballot box. Everything else – autonomous local councils, referendums, recall procedures, tax cuts, withdrawal from the EU, elected sheriffs, the Great Repeal Bill – follows from those two simple precepts.

Scarfed from McCain:

J. Strupp said...

Good comments dadster. I enjoyed it.