Sunday, June 20, 2010

Teh Won: "Screw National Security. I Want ImmReform"

Where, exactly, did this creature "Obama" emerge from?

On June 18, 2010, Arizona Republican Senator Jon Kyl told the audience at a North Tempe Tea Party town hall meeting that during a private, one-on-one meeting with President Obama in the Oval Office, the President told him, regarding securing the southern border with Mexico, “The problem is, . . . if we secure the border, then you all won’t have any reason to support ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’” [Audible gasps were heard throughout the audience.] Sen. Kyl continued, “In other words, they’re holding it hostage. They don’t want to secure the border unless and until it is combined with ‘comprehensive immigration reform.’

I dunno. Seems to me that 'high misdemeanors' is beginning to emerge here.

HT: RedStates


Jim said...

I dunno. Seems to me that 'high misdemeanors' is beginning to emerge here.

Didn't the same ones "emerge" between 2001 and 2009?

The President is correct. We've been securing the border against drugs for decades and it hasn't done any good. You have to mitigate the demand as well.

So I agree that you have to address the illegal actions of US employers along with securing the borders, because if people want to get here, they will.

Dad29 said...

Actually, we've NOT been 'securing the border' for decades. That's the whole point. As a banker, you ought to know about "security." If you don't, please send the address of your bank. I need some cash.

By the way, you won't find me pleading the case for "cheap labor" employers who are running what amounts to white-slavery businesses.

Jim said...

I should have written "securing" in quotes, meaning unsuccessful effort.