Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steyn's Devastating on Obama and "the Elites"

Steyn roundhouses TehLightworker and his crowd, indirectly complimenting actual saints.

So a man swept into office on an unprecedented tide of delirious fawning is now watching his presidency sink in an unstoppable gush. That's almost too apt.

...Many Americans are beginning to pick up the strange vibe that for Barack Obama, governing America is "an interesting sociological experiment",... It is hard to imagine Obama wandering along to watch a Memorial Day or Fourth of July parade until the job required him to. That's not to say he's un-American or anti-American, but merely that he's beyond all that. Way beyond. He's the first president to give off the pronounced whiff that he's condescending to the job – that it's really too small for him, and he's just killing time until something more commensurate with his stature comes along.

One could offer 'negative proof' of that contention, although Steyn certainly doesn't need help. Answer me this: who wrote ObamaCare? Porkulus?

Answer: not TehLightWorker. He was busy at the time, running for World Poohbah...

Steyn relates this Obama-ism to others, mentioning some Canadian pol named Ignatieff.

Then he makes the larger point, which is one which underlies a lot of the Tea Party's unease:

Today, to be an educated citizen of a mature Western democracy – Canada or Germany, England or Sweden – is not to feel Canadian or German, English or Swedish, heaven forbid, but rather to regard oneself as a citoyen du monde. Obviously, if being "more Canadian" requires one literally to be a Harvard professor or a BBC TV host or an essayist for The Guardian, then very few actual Canadians would pass the test. What he really means is that in a post-national, post-modern Western world, the definition of "Canadian" (and Dutch and Belgian and Irish) is how multicultural and globalized you feel. The U.N., Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Bono: these are the colors a progressive worldly Westerner nails to his mast.

Which is to say 'Who in Hell ARE these people, and what, exactly, makes THEM think they deserve office?'

Steyn then pops his trademark punditry:

Thus, Barack Obama: He declared himself operational without such a declaration being based on any true capability. But, if it works for the EU, why not America? Like many of his background here and there, Obama is engaged mostly by abstractions and generalities. Indeed, he is the very model of a modern major generalist. [Dead-on allusion, Mark.]

There's a reason for that. Obama and others of that ilk are absolutely incapable of thinking and doing efficaciously--that is, for results. Far easier to preach than to do.

In contrast, see Mother Teresa.

...There are millions of people like Barack Obama, the eternal students of a vast lethargic transnational campus for whom global compassion and the multicultural pose are merely the modish gloss on a cult of radical grandiose narcissism.

And many of them are in Congress and Statehouses, supported therein by working slobs.

The Revolution is near.



Jim said...

Well, I've had my weekly ration of horse manure now. Thank you SO MUCH.

GOR said...

As an ardent Gilbert and Sullivan fan, I loved the line: "He is the very model of a modern major generalist."

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Jim, is it that Steyn absolutely NAILED it that bothers you so much?

Jim said...

Umm, no.

Amy said...

Steyn is right. Reality bites.