Saturday, June 12, 2010

Obama, Whiner


The chickens of ObamaCare are still returning to their roosts.

After lying like Hell about 'saving money' TehLightWorker demands that Republicans SPEND money.


This Congress and this administration created an even larger bureaucracy and based its cost structure on finally implementing the scheduled Medicare cuts in order to sell the bill of goods to the American public. In promising that ObamaCare would be deficit neutral based on CBO assessments with these cuts in place, Obama implicitly endorsed these cuts.

They are not a Republican problem; they are an Obama problem. And the GOP does not need to rescue Obama from his own folly.

By the way, the American Medical Association--the MD's very own trade-union-- supported ObamaCare. Seems to me that the AMA should be very happy with the results. What's the problem, Doc?

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