Friday, June 04, 2010

More on the Blockade Skirmish

I use the term 'skirmish' deliberately. This was not a bunch of flower-children hippies with body odor and daisy-print clothing in a VW van, listening to Paul McCartney drivel.

By the time he hit the deck, two more senior officers had already been shot by Turkish "peace activists" wearing heavy ceramic body armor, and a third officer was severely injured after having his skull crushed with the heavy rods some of the terrorists were using as weapons.

The soldier has the other commandos form a defensive perimeter around their wounded comrades, and when the terrorists pressed their attack, they opened fire to keep from being overrun. The soldier in question killed six of the nine Turkish terrorists killed in the attempted blockade running with his handgun at point-blank range.

When the ship was finally captured and brought into port, the attackers were found to have large sums of money upon them; apparent payment for the pre-planned assault. According to the captain of the Mavi Marmara, the Turks were armed as well, and fired shots at the Israelis. He apparently watched the terrorists throw their weapons over the side of the ship, and forensic teams located shell casings that did not match Israeli weapons.

Turkish terrorists/mercenaries (chose the terminology you like best, as both would seem to apply) were paid substantial amounts of money by someone to stage an international incident,

There's a misapprehension about the Government of Turkey floating around out there which could lead to serious trouble.

Turkey's Government has 'gone Islamist' with the last election. It's no longer the secular-State of the 1980's.

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John Foust said...

Hippies listening to the Beatles? You can't be serious. What's next, a post about the positive aspects of Pat Boone's music?

Anonymous said...

More moderate mideast nations are being islamacized with each reactionary strike by Netanyahoo. And here I thought Iran was the big danger to security...