Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lawmaker "Retirements"

Discussing Alabama's massacre of incumbents last night, RedState comments:

The road to November is going to be paved in the scalps of incumbents.

(Cheaper than asphalt or concrete!)

There's no wonder that Wisconsin pols are dropping out of their Legislative positions like flies. The next few Wisconsin budgets are going to reduce State spending and employment and will most likely cut back on aids to municipals AND schools.

Unlike Tommy and Jimmy, the next Governor will not be purchasing friends with taxpayer money--instead, he will be telling his friends not to let the door hit them in the ass as they leave the office (figuratively or not.) Makes no difference if he's Walker or Barrett; the Legislature will not allow Big Spending to continue or they risk riot and rebellion, not just neat and clean demonstrations on the Capitol lawn.

Same applies to the Leggies. The Good Old Days of spend spend spend spend spend--and bond bond bond bond bond--and tax tax tax tax tax....

Are over.