Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Impeccably Tanned Boehner, Wrong Again

While John Boehner polishes his tan and image--hoping to occupy the Speaker's chair beginning in January--he manages to chip away at his clay feet.

Boehner forced (R) Joe Barton to apologize to BP execs for saying that the White House had run a 'shakedown' for $20Bn.

Well, Barton was right about that (but stupid for apologizing to BP.)

And Boehner?

Another case of 'too long in DC.' He's part of the Party In Government gang.

Too bad.

UPDATE: Boehner has his pals at Barton's throat.


Billiam said...

Yep. He's definitely part of the problem.

neomom said...

Yup. I'd sure like to see someone like Eric Cantor be up for that Speaker's seat instead

Tim Morrissey said...

Now a card-carrying member of the full-time permanent political class.

Grim said...

Personally, I expect that BP reasons that it's getting a bargain at $20B.