Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How To Kill Your PC--and Your Wallet

The crook escaped and still operates from Ukraine.

...Jain ran a Ukrainian company called Innovative Marketing, which prosecutors say sold an astounding 1 million copies of fake antivirus products such as WinFixer, Antivirus 2008 and VirusRemover 2008.

According to court filings, Innovative Marketing was one of several companies that Jain operated, first selling counterfeit Symantec products and later moving into the scareware business with products such as WinFixer.

The company would set up fake advertising agencies with names such as BurnAds and NetMediaGroup, and then buy online advertising, pretending that it was for legitimate buyers, prosecutors say. These ads would be programmed to deliver scary-looking pop-up windows straight to users' desktops. The windows would typically look like Windows error messages or security alerts. To dismiss them, the victim would have to pull out a credit card and pay between $30 and $70 to buy Innovative Marketing's dubious products, prosecutors say.

This is the crap that Sykes had problems with.

Be careful out there!

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Billiam said...

They damn near got me. The malware infects the whole computer. Every program you try to open up won't open, and you get the little infected window. You have 2 options. 1. Pay these slimebags. 2. Shut off computer, restart in safe mode, and find someone who knows how to get the crap off. My cousin took care of mine. He also installed a better anti-virus for me. It's caught this crap trying to get back on numerous times.