Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hey, It's a Rounding Error, KRM Style

Seems that there's a difference.

The Orlando SunRail is already through preliminary engineering and in final design for its first phase, with construction to start next year and service to begin in 2013. The $357.2 million Phase 1 would serve 12 stations over a 31-mile stretch of tracks purchased from a freight railroad, and would run trains every half-hour in rush hour and every two hours in off-peak times, increasing by 2030 to every 15 minutes in rush hours and every 30 to 60 minutes at other times, at an annual operating cost of $55.3 million.

By contrast, the $283.5 million KRM would serve nine stations over a 33-mile stretch of track still owned by freight railroads, with 14 round trips daily, at an operating cost of $20.4 million a year, starting in 2017.

Maybe it's the Midwestern snow that makes for a 100% op-cost difference and a 30% cap-cost difference. Or is it just a snow-job?

Or maybe Florida will use alligators to power their choochoo. We have to settle for black bears and wolves.

Or maybe Disney is contributing the difference, eh?

SOMETHING is Mickey Mouse'd up.

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