Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hehir: Still Wrong After All These Years

Once again, Fr. B. Hehir proves that age does not necessarily bestow wisdom to members of the Bernardin coterie.

Differences within the Catholic community during the health reform debate were not about the objectives to be accomplished but about the "degree of assurance" provided by the bill on those objectives, Father J. Bryan Hehir told the annual convention of the Catholic Health Association June 13.

"It is time to face the future, not replay the past continually," said Father Hehir, secretary for health and social services for the Archdiocese of Boston...

Wrong, Father. The 'differences' WERE over "objectives to be accomplished." Specifically, about taxpayer funding of abortion (at the point of a gun.) The objective of the Progressive Statists was to make it so. The objective of the opponents was to prevent it.

Further, thinking people differ about the overall objective of 'health care as a right guaranteed by Government.'

He babbled on:

...far more urgent is the need to answer the question of moving forward from where we are to where we need to go to provide health care which is morally grounded, legally protected and provided with compassion and competence," he said.

Yah, well. That's called "private charity," Father. You could look it up.

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