Friday, June 18, 2010

Egad! The NYSlimes Objects to ObamaGulf

Well. The stopped clock must have hit the numbers.

The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association has warned that many of the affected rigs will seek to drill in other countries, imperiling roughly 800 to 1,400 jobs per rig, including third-party support personnel.

The securities firm Raymond James & Associates predicts that the moratorium could last well into 2011, directly jeopardizing 50,000 jobs and potentially gutting blue-collar communities that rely heavily on the economic activity that comes with deepwater work. “Just as the demise of auto plants and steel mills in the Upper Midwest devastated entire towns, an extended drilling ban could eventually have a similar effect in the Gulf Coast,” the company said in a report Monday. --RedState, quoting the NYT

But you know, they're only the 'small people'.


neomom said...

Nah - those small people will be all better after we make them buy electricity with windmills made in China and pay $7 per gallon for gasoline.

I mean, its done wonders for the Danish, Spanish, and German economies.


Deekaman said...

neo...the "small people" will have high-paying jobs BUILDING those windmills.'s true....The Chosen One said so.

How long before we are Greece?