Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Doing AlGore's Bidding: Obama

Following the Warming debacle of East Anglia and its hockey-sticking "statistics" the Globaloney bunch has been subdued. AlGore's news-making has been limited to giving a rotten speech to some poor college grads and gaining notoriety for buying another energy-hog home, this one in Montecito.

That's not to say that the Globaloney bunch hasn't been successful in strangling the US' energy flow (and--accidentally?--its national security.)

...In the United Kingdom, for example, that lot are now confronting its looming blackouts, to come possibly in time for the summer 2012 Olympics in London if their economy recovers in time (that particular chapter, Chapter 2 "Renewable Fools, begins with a rollicking exposé of the even more witless scribblings of the NYT's green scold and windmill fetishist Tom Friedman).

The Brits pursued the, er, "plan" of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Obama's appointee to chair the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Jon Wellinghoff, both of whom have declared the United States has no need of new nuclear or coal base-load electricity generation. They sneer at building coal and nuclear -- which work and provide baseload power --on the promise of some massive, future littering of the Atlantic seaboard with massive windmills.

Yah, well, who needs electricity?

...the administration just this month sent Navy officials out to say that drilling rigs off Virginia's coast would interfere with naval operations, posing a national security issue, and we'd better not do it. Yet this was timed, with breakthaking hypocrisy, with a push to say that we really ought to litter the the same space with wind farms...

And you, bourgeois, don't need petroleum, either!!

The Virginia OCS and surrounding area, was the only region actually left open for consideration by Obama for the next five-year plan (beginning in 2012...no, despite the spin lapped up by the press, he opened not one area for drilling but effectively re-imposed moratoria). And that was before Obama's latest decision to shelve those few offshore drilling projects that had made it through the pipeline in recent years and appeared imminent. A further compounded element of this, kicking the Gulf's economy when it's down, included shuttering 33 existing rig operations; the scarce rigs which will now head off to China, Brazil, wherever their political class are less unserious about the critical issue of energy. Probably not to be seen in these parts for quite some time.

Who needs AlGore when the President can put a full-stop to the economy?

With the prospect of a double-dip recession, it appears that Obama and his boyzzzzz would like to make that second dip permanent.

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Billiam said...

What can you say. This is what the blatting sheep of America wanted. Many people do not appreciate their freedoms until they're taken away. The short-sightedness of Obama's, as well as US energy policy for decades, has caused this. Since Carter, I believe, every President has complained about our dependency on foreign oil. Under every one of them, our dependency has grown.

Why are we drilling a mile down? Because drilling anywhere else is not allowed, or fraught with years of red tape, or, in the BP case, crappy oversight. Yet, do any of the lemmings calling for an end to drilling have a clue that we don't just get fuel from petroleum products? Likely not.

Dave said...

What Billiam said. And we haven't had any new refining plants built in decades, and no new nuclear plants since Three Mile Island (even though everyone else in the world hasn't had a problem since Chernobyl).