Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Actually, It IS Dogpatch

Nothing like a white-collar whiner. All they seem to want is a nice, isolated community and all the conveniences of an actual city. At the same time. Cheap, too.

...a group of rural Dane County residents have complained to the state Public Service Commission in a case that could set a precedent for other communities.

Some of those filing the complaint live on the edge of suburban Madison, one of the most Internet-wired cities in the Midwest, and they include attorneys, doctors, university professors and scientists.

These poor, poor, people built houses in the Town of Berry. No, you never heard of it before.

"This is a rural community, but it doesn't mean we are Dogpatch or Hayseed," said Chris Arenas, who lives in Black Earth and teaches online marketing classes at Madison Area Technical College

Wrong-o. It IS Dogpatch, or maybe East Bumf*&^k. And that's where YOU bought your house.

And by the way, doesn't "teaches online marketing" and "lives in a non-broadband area" sorta seem to be a contradiction in terms? Do students actually PAY for your 'wisdom'?

..."Parents have told us their children are at a disadvantage by not having high-speed connections," Town Chairman Anthony Varda wrote in a recent letter to TDS Telecommunications.

Well, THAT settles it. It's for the CHILLLLLLRRREN, who are unable to do Facebook adequately. (You think the chilllllrrrren want broadband to download the Brittanica? Think again.)

Not that long ago, residents of the City of Brookfield (!!) actually had to haul their own trash and garbage to the dump OR pay a private contractor for the service. Somehow, the Public Service Commission was not called to the scene of the emergency.

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Dan said...

They ever hear of a library?