Monday, May 03, 2010

What America Is LaHood Living In?

Folks who live in DC for too long develop a hall-of-mirrors problem.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Friday that Americans are “tired” of motorized transportation and its attendant hassles, and instead are looking for other options such as bicycle lanes and walking paths, which the government will add to its infrastructure.

“People are sick of being stuck in traffic, stuck in their automobiles, and we want to help communities and neighborhoods that want more walking paths or biking paths—more transit,” LaHood told

Yup. Always wanted to ride a bike to the local grocer (3 miles or so), load up with bags, and bike back home.

Especially in January.

But maybe LaHood has 'people' who handle that stuff for him.


Tim Morrissey said... mean there's another part of the country that's not Washington D C or Manhattan?

Anonymous said...

What LaHood means is that American "Liberals" are tired of other Americans exercising their "freedom of choice". Any time "they" decide something is "bad" they come out with statements like this, then they implement some absurd mandate to pressure the masses into changing their habits to suit the Liberal's ideal. The ability of manipulating the "herd" is the Liberals greatest achievement.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

What a friggin idiot.

Anonymous said...

Finally, some sanity regarding weaning ourselves from the cultural dependence of individualized transportation. We all don't need to fire up a gas engine to drive five minutes to the store. Walk, ride a bike, take the bus. What a waste of natural resources! It is about time we joined the rest of the industrialized nations and get on board the bus or train.

EnragedAmerican said...

You want to walk, be my guest. If I want to drive I'm going to. We are America, not the rest of the industrialized world. Why don't you go to one of these "other" utopias and live as they do if AMERICA is beneath you?

Anonymous said...

Actually more and more Americans are using mass transit. In liberal, moderate, and conservative regions alike from Dallas to Salt Lake City from Houston to New York from Chicago to Washington DC, from Minneapolis to Charlotte. We need a multimodal system of transportation.

Dad29 said...

If it makes sense, yes.

When I worked in Buffalo Grove and had to go to downtown Chicago, it made sense to drive to O'Hare, park, and take the El.

Time-of-travel was identical and the cost was much less than drive/park/drive.

HIGHLY concentrated population, unlike Milwaukee.

GOR said...

Yes, LaHood's generalizations equate to Doyle and Co. about Rapid Transit locally. Where are all these people clamoring for high-speed rail to Madison and parts west? Must all be in Spain...