Sunday, May 02, 2010

"History Buff" "Senior Lecturer of Law" Blows It Big

Many of you missed B Hussein Obama's weekly address of yesterday.

I'm sure it was an oversight on your part, or you TIVO'd it and haven't run the replay.

Well, skip to 2:30 or so and keep listening for about 10 seconds.

I didn't know that Brandeis was a switch. But I'm not a "Senior Lecturer" at the U of Chicago Law School, nor am I a "History Buff."

Bidenisms go uphill.

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Al said...

So then, he approves full light being shined on the SEIU or ACORN?

His comments are to laugh at as he has done exactly the opposite since day 1. Obama & his buddies in Congress have been shyer of sunlight than a vampire.

There is an old joke about academic degrees. We all know what BS stands for. MS means "more of the same". & Ph.D means "piled high & deep". & that is definitely what Obama is doing, piling it high & deep.