Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Value of College

Yesterday we referenced a posting at Kevin's place about whether we need more college graduates.

Today we have news!

Marquette University will begin offering a sports leadership specialization for its master’s in leadership studies degree.


Jim said...

Marquette is a private university. What's your problem with them offering any course of study for which there is a demand from their tuition-paying students?

Neo-Con Tastic said...

A private university can offer as many degrees as it chooses, however, that does mean they can also simultaneously cheapen the value of its degrees (as a whole). By offering this degree, Marquette is doing so.

Jim, as you voice your opinion, D29 and I will do the same.

Jim said...

By offering this degree, Marquette is [cheapening the value of its degrees.]

Why? We're not talking basket weaving here. I haven't looked at the catalog, but if general education requirements are met, I imagine that this major could include all kinds of relevant academic courses like Sociology, Philosophy (ethics), Business, Labor Management, Marketing, Psychology, and much more.

How would this cheapen the value of its degrees?

Al said...

Jim, as someone who works at a private "catholic" college, this IS about finding ways to attract more students while dumbing down the requirements to graduate. & yes, the value of a degree has been greatly cheapened over the past 33 yrs since I got mine.

Dad29 said...

Jim, MU can pitch any coursework it wants to; if someone wants to pay for it, fine.

That's not the issue. "What is education" IS the issue.

MS/Athletics Management? Let's be serious here. That's no more "education" than is MS/Social Work.

But then, why would MU take seriously Cardinal Newman's "Idea of a University" when there are dollars to be gained?

Jim said...

"What is education" IS the issue.

OK. So who says that any field of study that includes a serious academic curriculum which prepares and qualifies someone for a rewarding career isn't education? See my list above of course work that might very likely be part of such a curriculum. Any of those subjects not "education"?

Anonymous said...

How do you "cheapen" the value of a Marquette degree? Isn't Father Wild doing a pretty good job of that right now?

I agree that Marquette shouldn't have to hire someone who doesn't share its core values, but that's not the point now. Marquette went after this woman twice, apparently, then discovered that she "doesn't think right" AFTER extending the job offer and AFTER she accepted it!

Mickey Mouse University. This will harm Marquette's recruiting efforts for years, both for students as well as for faculty.

Dad29 said...

Sociology,... Business, Labor Management, Marketing, Psychology

Every one of the above is trade-school coursework. They are 'tools' courses, like mechanical drawing, stress-engineering, circuits.

The idea that "education" includes trade-school coursework is strictly a product of 'enlightenment' thinking, given a very hefty push by industrialists (and later, Governmentalists) with the idea that they could obtain 'trained labor.'

IOW, "what IS": the tri- and quad-rivia, is education. The rest is accessorizing.

Jim said...

So there should be one degree then, right?