Monday, May 17, 2010

Need Electricity? How About a Micro-Nuke?

Looks like a very neat idea.

Manufacturers of refrigerator-sized nuclear reactors will seek approval from U.S. authorities within a year to help supply the world’s growing electricity demand.

John Deal, chief executive officer of Hyperion Power Generation Inc., intends to apply for a license “within a year” for plants that would power a small factory or town too remote for traditional utility grid connections.

...While utility-scale reactors cost about $2.3 billion apiece and produce 1.2 gigawatts of power, Hyperion’s price tag is $50 million for a 25-megawatt reactor more comparable to a diesel generators or wind farms.

Transportable by truck, the units would come in a sealed box and work around the clock, requiring less maintenance than a fossil fuel plant, the developers say. They’d cost 15 percent less per megawatt of capacity than the average full-scale atomic reactors now in on the drawing board, according to World Nuclear Association data.

“A 25-megawatt plant would put electricity into 20,000 homes, and it would fit inside this room,” James Kohlhaas, vice president at a Lockheed Martin Corp. unit that builds power systems for remote military bases, said in an interview. “It’s a pretty elegant micro-grid solution.”

A chicken in every pot, a nuke in every garage!


Deekaman said...

1.21 Jigawatts!?!?

But seriously, I don't ever see this one coming to fruition. Great idea, but politically a non-starter.

neomom said...

The issue becomes security... It is still a nuclear reactor with nuciear fuel and all....

Dad29 said...

MasterLock, a pitbull, and plenty of AMMO!!

neomom said...

I think you need a little more lead than just ammo... like shielding and containment. I'm a huge fan of nuclear, but gamma rays emitters really put a damper on a day.

Dad29 said...

My guess is that the company has thunk of that stuff.