Monday, May 17, 2010

Crocodile Tears From Money-Grubber

This guy expects us to believe his line of crap.

By [manipulating the Hell out of a sloppily-written labor agreement and] putting in for $94,000 in overtime, a state prison sergeant was paid more than the governor last year - $151,181, a Journal Sentinel analysis of state payroll data shows.

Correctional Sgt. Lance P. Boyle was paid last year for nearly 2,400 hours of overtime - an average of 46 hours a week - more than the hours he worked at his regular hourly rate of $26.44, state records show.


But wait! He responded to the reporter's email!

"Fortunately, I have the seniority, mental stamina and health to do this."

Now for the BS which should require us to admire his courage and determination: without him, women and children all over the State would be endangered!!!!

...he added: "(The) job of a correctional sergeant is one of the most dangerous and stressful jobs in America, working in one of the worst environments, dealing with the most difficult members of society."

He doesn't mention that he voluntarily took the job. He's just another hero of the Republic, you understand, even though he'll never get a medal except for the one he's pinning on himself.

But is his task sooooooooooooo difficult? Challenging?

Is he in grave danger whenever he steps into his assigned desk?

Boyle works at the Oakhill Correctional Institution in Oregon, a minimum-security prison.

So he watches old farts and good-behavior prisoners.

VERY impressive, Sergeant. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Proving that you don't know much about Corrections, either.

Tim Morrissey said...

Rumor has it the good Sergeant moonlights as a Madison Metro bus driver, further supplementing his income by another hundred grand or so.

Anonymous said...