Friday, April 09, 2010

Whassup With Foreign and Defense Policy?

So: is Obama the President of the Third World, or of the USA?

Until this guy, it was a given that the US helped allies, threw sand (or worse) in the gearboxes of opponents, and maintained the very best offense/defense weapons in the world.

What in blazes is going on?


The Obama administration is now denying U.S. visas to Israeli scientists who work at that nation’s Dimona nuclear reactor. This startling reversal of traditional policy was reported April 7, 2010

Previous: Nuke response will be subject to lawyer-interp of treaties.

Previous to that: The re are no 'terrorists' who are Muslim, so we'll let them in the USA to roam around a bit.

Previous to that, even yet: Brits? Who needs 'em?

Even if one argues that the US' foreign and defense policies were wrong in every imaginable way previous to the Ascent of the Enlightened-One-Who-Calmed-the-Rising-Seas, it's foolhardy to throw ALL the policies into reverse at once.

Either foolhardy or malevolent.

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