Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tommy "Stick It To 'Em" at TEA Party, Eh?

Tommy Thompson, needing a shot of crowd-heroin, calls Mark Block and asks to be a speaker at the TEA Party rally in Madistan.

Sykes comments this morning that 'Tommy will speak and the crowd will go "Rah!! Rah!!"'

Don't bet on that, Charlie. Maybe a few random claps from TT's relatives and retainers.

Weber reported earlier that Block was TT's campaign manager at one time. Perhaps it was for the term during which Tommy implored a Northern Wisconsin crowd to "Stick it to 'em!!"--meaning the taxpayers in SE Wisconsin who would be "stuck" with paying $450 million or so toward Bud Selig's fantasy park. Thanks, Tommy.

Whatever. Tommy was a "Spend-It-and-Bond-It" kinda Republican guy. Good times for everybody, especially the RoadBuilders. Too damn bad for those who would have to pay off the bonds, after TT left office. Tommy was "Mr. Structural Deficit," although what his successor/fraudmeister has done was probably beyond even TT's imagination.

Should be a very interesting day, indeed.


Deekaman said...

If I'm reading the TEA leaves correctly, Tommy will get a chilly reception.

neomom said...

I know that Tommy is far more to the left than my liking. But isn't he far enough to the right of Feingold to get some incremental improvement. Much as I hate to admit about my home state, it is a lot more blue than red - think MA, not TX. Tommy may be the best chance to go purple for now.

Just sayin'

Deekaman said...

It's not the candidacy (ok, it is, but not here), it's the venue. Rank and file TEA Partiers want no part of candidates at rallies or meetings. Voting is a personal choice and not part of our deal here. And we are generally (very) unhappy that Mark Block (AFP)chose to invite a candidate to this rally and not invite the others. Will Tommy get the vote over Feingold? Maybe. Maybe TEA Partiers will stay home. TT is part of the problem, not part of the solution. We are done holding our collective noses to vote for the lesser of two evils and we believe we are a large enough group to force the issue.

Expect little in the way of interest today.

Anonymous said...

Tea parties have already become a self-parody. But don't tell them that!

Deekaman said...

First, they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they attack you, then you win.

We are awful close to winning, anon.

Anonymous said...

Play that victim card all the way to the White House. Brilliant strategy...

These tea parties are reminiscent of high school pep rallies. Even though your football team is doomed to lose, you still show up in your team colors.