Friday, April 02, 2010

Think KRM Taxes Are Just for KRM? WRONG!!

Sneaky little bastards...

...The southeast RTA would use a local car-rental fee to pay off the RTA’s debt, which is estimated to cost $3 million a year, Ostby said. The RTA, which can levy a fee of up to $18 per car rental, has not yet approved such a fee, he said, opting instead to wait for the Legislature to approve an RTA bill.

The amended bill also lets RTAs statewide levy a 0.5 cent sales tax increase to pay for buses. The southeast region needs a steady source of bus money to improve the KRM’s odds of competing for federal construction grants, Ostby said.

Of course, 'sales tax' revenues are NOT "steady." Ask the Miller Park people, or as Patrick showed us, the Dallas Metro people.

But that's not a concern to RTA weenies. If the sales tax goes south, they'll simply borrow more money until they obtain OTHER tax revenues for their choochoo projects.

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RAG said...

Dad...I've covered the fallacy of the KRM boondoggle on my blog extensively. Feel free to link to any of the posts.