Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sale on Elections in Wisconsin

This is not only deplorable, it is transparent fraud-facilitation.

1) The bill allows municipalities to set up satellite absentee ballot stations for early voting. These stations apparently could be done in college dorms, outside of bars, or other inappropriate locals.


3) Permanent absentee ballot status would be established in which ballots would be sent to people who historically do not vote in low-turnout elections. Currently, permanent absentee ballot status is restricted to people who are confined because of age, physical illness, infirmity, or disabled infinitely making them unable to get to the polls.

4) University IDs could be offered as proof of residence for registration and voting.

Clearly, the (D) Party is desperate to gain "voters," no matter what. Maybe actual citizens should place stop-sticks on roads leading from Illinois and Iowa into Wisconsin on election day...

HT: Owen

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Badger Catholic said...

Dems always win close elections because they know how to manufacture votes. When GOP wins, it truly is a majority.