Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pubbie Problems: The "Party Of Gummint" Mentality

Sorta kinda (but not exactly) a reflection of the Wisconsin (R) Senatorial primary, not to mention other (R) dysfunctionalities.

The prospect of a Paul victory scares some Republicans. Former Vice President Dick Cheney endorsed Mr. Grayson last month after conservatives in Washington circulated an e-mail message about what they called Dr. Paul’s “troubling” views on national security.

...Mr. Grayson argues that some of Dr. Paul’s ideas (getting rid of the Departments of Energy, Education and Commerce) are too “weird” for Kentucky. And in increasingly sharp ads, he argues that Dr. Paul is downright dangerous when it comes to foreign policy. “Here’s a guy who is outside of the Republican mainstream,” Mr. Grayson said in an interview here.


Interesting; maybe Paul is reading this blog, because we, too, advanced the idea of dumping Useless Federal Departments (starting with a different one, but we'll be happy to add to the list. See the combox in our post for more good ideas.)

Cheney, of course, doesn't like ANY foreign policy which renounces "GloboCop" principles.

Well. Conservatives also don't think highly of spending a few grand "entertaining" donors in strip clubs. Nor do they think highly of dropping $1.3MILLION on "Republican Party" events through the Amex of a low-level staffer.

And it's clear that PartyPoohbahs may have anointed the wrong guy in Wisconsin.

That "Party of Gummint" thing is the subtext in Neumann's race against Walker, by the way, (although Neumann's 'greenieweenie' yappaflappa is more of the same), and it sure doesn't help that Rasmussen keeps coming up with these polls.

So, Reince: got any ideas?


neomom said...

Ooo.... I like getting rid of Commerce too!!!

So now we have Energy, Commerce, Education, Agriculture, and Homeland Security..

So how much money could we save and how many bureaucrats would be eliminated with those?

Dad29 said...

I'd settle for a 65% reduction in payroll.

Regs wouldn't necessarily disappear too fast. Let's go for <10 years to expiration of all but the essential ones.

You know, like 'keep nukes inside containment structures.'

neomom said...

And they say that Conservatives don't have any ideas!

Deekaman said...

Leinie is a non-starter. Walker over Neumann for one reason - Ethanol. If he doesn't come out for an outright repeal of the whole program, I got nothin' for him.

Paul can be "out there", but on the whole, he's better than nearly all of them.

Dad29 said...

So far as I can tell, the only place that Paul (Jr.) is "outre" is on the GloboCop crap.

I'm not sure he's all wet there.

Our DOD is supporting about 1/2 the world....

Deekaman said...

Rand? Yes. Ron is a "truther", I believe.

neomom said...

Ron is a Pork King and a Truther.