Monday, April 05, 2010

The Peace-Loving, Gentle, Left

So Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) introduces legislation which would keep EPA's choke-hold off the coal miners (and mines) in his State.

The response?

“On behalf of the children of the planet, I sure hope Jay Rockefeller dies a sudden, and swift, death.”

At least the Congress woke up and smelled the coffee; Rockefeller's legislation is only one of a small pack of items introduced to stop EPA from stopping the economy completely. (ObamaNomics has already damn near killed it.)

Is it necessary?

Damn straight it's necessary.

Ms. [Lisa] Jackson, [EPA Administratrix] can be viewed in a clip from an EPA video saying that “we’re building our environmental justice team, increasing budget support for their work and seeking new strategies.” Everything the EPA does must be understood within this context: “Environmental justice” is a leftist scheme to justify redistribution of wealth and the resulting regulations are not based on scientific evidence or cost/benefit analysis.

When Ms. Jackson and the rest of her extremist pals in EPA can define "environmental justice", the economic apocalypse is loosed.

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